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APHIS requires only ONE accredited veterinarian's order per submission.

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NOTE: Reading the PDF version meets APHIS-Approved Supplemental Training Requirements; Renewal not complete until VS Form 1-35A is completed separately (online or via paper).

PDF Files on USB Drive- APHIS-Approved Supplemental Training

Order up to 6 modules per USB drive. For a summary of each module, see Module Descriptions.
Category I renewal requires 3 modules every three years;
Category II renewal requires 6 modules every three years.

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NOTE: APHIS requires CFSPH to issue only ONE certificate for each module ordered. The certificate serves as your individual proof of supplemental training. It is copy-evident and cannot be replaced; store it securely.

*Shipping is free for USB Drives mailed within the United States. If shipping outside the U.S., inquire about costs before ordering by emailing: cfsph@iastate.edu