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A separate order form is needed for EACH Accredited Veterinarian (AV). Certificates issued are valid only for the AV listed on the order form. Duplicated certificates are considered invalid.

If you wish to pay by check, please use the following downloadable order form.

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NOTE: Reading the PDF version meets APHIS-Approved Supplemental Training Requirements; Renewal not complete until VS Form 1-36A is completed separately (online or via paper) and submitted to your NVAP coordinator.

PDF Files on USB Drive- APHIS-Approved Supplemental Training

Order up to 6 modules per USB drive. For a summary of each module, see Module Descriptions.
Category I renewal requires 3 modules every three years;
Category II renewal requires 6 modules every three years.

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NOTE: Only ONE certificate will be issued for each module ordered. The certificate serves as proof of supplemental training. It is copy-evident and cannot be replaced; store it in a secure location. It does NOT need to be submitted, unless requested.

*Shipping is free for USB Drives mailed within the United States. If shipping outside the U.S., inquire about costs by emailing before ordering: cfsph@iastate.edu